909-911 Harris Avenue

The Bellingham Bay Hotel Building was built in 1901; its earliest occupants were a saloon and a restaurant at 909 Harris and the Anderson and Halberg Grocery at 911 Harris. The buildings second floor was the Bellingham Bay Hotel, Mrs. Jennie Ruttenbur, proprietor. The building remained occupied in various forms until 1960 where it remained vacant for 40 years until a complete renovation in 2001, the building now reflects its former glory days, with brass chandeliers in the entry and at the top of the stairs, original exposed brickwork in the offices and the original warm wood trim throughout provides a wonderful space for your business. The second floor amenities include a waiting room, two private bathrooms and an antique side board with a sink in it for a gathering spot to enjoy your morning coffee.





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Currently there is no office space available in this building.

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